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Provisional Schedule of Events

(subject to change)


6.00 pm       Registration and Dealers Open

8.00 pm       "Open Sesame" - introduced by Nikola Arkane

11.00 pm      Peter McLanachan Workshop (extra fee event)


10.00 am      Dealers and Registration Desk Open

10.30 am      Opening Close up Show 

10.30 am      Children’s Show featuring Trevor Price 

                     (Strand Arts Centre)

12.00 pm      FILM - "Disney's Aladdin" (Strand Arts Centre)

12.00 pm      "Patrick Page - His Life in Magic" - Part One

1.OO pm       Lunch break

1.30 pm         Registration Desk Open

1.45 pm         "Making Magic"  Workshop for Children 

                       (Strand Arts Centre)(extra fee event)

2.OO pm         Chris Congreave Lecture

4.OO pm         Henri White Lecture 

6.OO pm         Dealers Close

7.00 for 7.45   USM Chairmans Dinner

                        Followed by. Raffle and After Dinner Show


9.00 am.   IBM Ring 85 AGM

10.00 am  Dealers and Registration Desk Open

10.3O am Dave Loosley Lecture

12.00 pm. "Patrick Page - His Life in Magic" - Part Two

1.OO pm. Lunch break

1.30 pm    Registration Desk Open

2.OO pm. Vanni Pulé Lecture

3.45 pm. Competition Prizegiving

               Followed by Mystery Event

5.3O pm. Dealers Close

7.00 pm  Ticket Desk for Gala Show opens

7.30 pm Gala Show

Registration Form  to print and post can be found by clicking here